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Welcome to Colombia

The most welcoming place on Earth!

Colombia’s diversity is all but limited to its stunning landscapes, ecosystems and natural resources. The identities and cultural expressions the country holds make it a vibrant multicultural nation. The contrast between colonial architecture and modern cities feels like travelling through time, traditional fairs and festivals transport us to the heart of Colombian identity, and music lets us enjoy the country to the sound of mythical and iconic rhythms.

Colombia offers  6 natural regions, that offer endless experiences for al types of travellers.

The Greater Colombian Caribbean

Located in the north of Colombia, the Caribbean is a welcoming land where summer never ends. The region brims with amazing beaches and the stunning Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Nowhere else in the world, glaciated peaks of 5,770m high protrude into the sky at only 40 km from the beach. It is home to fascinating communities, indigenous and raizal people, to carnivals and music, to sacred archaeological sites, to García Márquez’s inspiration and to the world’s most beautiful colonial city

The Colombian Pacific

One of Colombia’s best kept secrets: an enchanting natural paradise, composed of ancient jungles that collide harmoniously with the Pacific Ocean, where waterfalls pour into magnificent mountains and awe-inspiring beaches. The Colombian Pacific is a pure ecosystem, alluring humpback between July and November to give birth to their calves, and being home to 838 bird species, more than 50% of Colombia’s total birdlife.

The Western Colombian Andes

The Western Andes holds the modern and vibrant city of Medellín, Colombia’s second largest city, sitting next to its southern neighbours, who inhabit majestic mountains that emanate the scent of coffee, and extraordinary colourful towns, home of crystalline streams, exotic birds and valleys sprouting with flowers. The region’s climate is a never-ending spring, offering adventures that don’t cease to amaze.

The Eastern Colombian Andes

The Eastern Andes expose a fascinating balance between tradition and modernity. The region extends north to Bogotá – the capital – with the city’s skyscrapers, captivating museums, abundant gastronomy, and rich culture, while transporting visitors to another reality, a world of legends and charming colonial towns. Many towns in the region, such as Villa de Leyva and Barichara, preserve the essence of the Old World, just a short drive away from the capital.

The Colombian Massif

The mysterious Colombian Massif gives birth to the most important rivers of the country, and it’s the cradle of the ancient Colombian Andean culture, whose enigmatic and enthralling stone monuments remain standing amongst exuberant ladders and jaw-dropping underground tombs, embraced by vast mountain ranges.

The Colombian Amazon-Orinoco

A mind-blowingly huge and diverse region consisting of rainforests, imposing skies and formidable rivers. It is composed of two vital ecosystems: the Amazon and the Orinoquía. The north is swept by pure and diverse plans, and a landscape of “haciendas”, populated by the “llanero” culture: the Colombian cowboys

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