Costa Rica is a sanctuary for nature and wildlife. Home to 6,5% of the world’s biodiversity, yet covering only 0.03% of the world’s land mass, Costa Rica is an identified global Biodiversity Hotspot. Wildlife spotting opportunities are in abundance in its many national parks, reserves, and wildlife refuges, collectively covering more than 26% of the country. Here you can spot sleepy sloths, iridescent hummingbirds, playful capuchins, or go searching for humpback whales along the Pacific Coast. With conservation embedded in the heart and soul of the country and its people, Costa Rica is the ultimate eco-destination. 


At Exodus, we know what makes you tick when it comes to holidays. It’s a desire shared by so many others. A yearning to visit new places and come home with a real sense of what they’re all about. This means delving into local traditions, cultures, cuisine, lifestyles – anything that contributes to its unique identity. At the same time, we always remember that we are only guests. So we travel courteously and respectfully, in smaller groups to minimise our impact, to ensure that every Exodus holiday is a beneficial experience for everyone involved.


True Traveller, in partnership with AXA, is travel insurance designed by travellers for adventure travellers, digital nomads and backpackers.  We offer cover for one way travel as well as for those already abroad and can also offer cover those volunteering with animals. We handle all claims in house, so can turn them around and more importantly pay claims quickly!  You can take out cover online in minutes, save your insurance policy document to your Apple or Android wallet and you are all set to go.  We also include up to 92 activities as standard with flexible options to upgrade the policy to cover multiple other activities . Rated five-star by TrustPilot & Reviews.io.


A Necessary Destination is the name of our long-term sustainability strategy, through which we are assuming commitments, in a collaborative manner and based on dialogue, that will contribute to the protection of South America’s ecosystems for the next 30 years.